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Latest news

  • 09/09/2019

    Amtest presents the Panda by Franka Emika (German Robotics)

    We are proud to announce that we have chosen our collaborative robot partner – Franka Emika / German Robotics – the PANDA. See more details

  • 01/07/2019

    Amtest Group and Nordson Asymtek have agreed to expand their long-standing partnership into Bulgaria from July 1st 2019

    Amtest Group and Nordson Asymtek presently work together in Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic – with over 500 working solutions in the field ranging from the global leading SL940 selective coating platform, automatic coating inspection units and the multiple Nordson jet dispensing solutions – all supported by the 18 Amtest process engineers. See more details

  • 01/05/2018

    Amtest Group enters Serbian market

    Amtest is pleased to announce that the Group has entered the market of Serbia, along with our selected partners that will include the global leading Nordson group of companies, Nordson Asymtek, Nordson March and Nordson Select. See more details

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Selective Soldering

Nordson SELECT…
The Selective Soldering Specialists
In February 2017, the NORDSON GROUP (the leadfing global advanced technologies company) purchased IntterSelect a fast growing German selective soldering company.
This purchase has enabled the newly named company NORDSON SELECT to furter invest in innovative designs and process enhancements, coupled with the support expertise of the Nordson Group.

With a reputation for innovation, all comprehensive process solutions ensure customers of maximum return on investment and low cost of ownership.
From the initial process development, to full-scale production, their family of industry experts supports worldwide customers base with anything and everything they may need
to ensure their success.

Current Range of Products:

Economy series - Novo that include a large variety of options, modular expandable
and soldering area.

Stand-Alone-Series - Cerno - with a large variety of options, ergonomic workstation and soldering area up to 650x650mm, this is the Stand-Alone series from NordsonSelect. The machines are equipped with titanium solder pots, MicroDrop Fluxer and a wide range of options for the technological requirements of the future.


The Inline-Series with a large variety of options, modular expandable and soldering area up to 700x700mm.

Data SheetS

Novo™ 103Novo™ 300Novo™ 460Cerno™ 102ILCerno™ 103ILCerno™ 105ILCerno™ 508.1Integra™ 103ILDIntegra™ 508.2Integra™ 508.3Integra™ 508.4Integra™ 508.5In-line Flux and Preheat