Amtest - no. 1 SMT distributor in Central and Eastern Europe

Latest news

  • 09/10/2017

    First Article Inspection system

    Amtest Group and Bluiris signed a distribution agreement with regard to their First Article Inspection system covering Central and Eastern Europe. See more details

  • 27/09/2017

    Amtest Group at Productronica, Hall A3 215

    Amtest Group will be in Germany in Hall A3 stand 215 on their own 84 sq M booth.

    Whilst in previous years the stand was shared with Heller Industries, this year the Group decided due to increased business and more clients travelling from our territories to have OUR OWN EXCLUSIVE STAND.
    See more details

  • 15/09/2017

    Hanwha launch the PLUS series

    Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin) launch the PLUS series in Europe which is a further enhancement to their present SM series oi placement machines. See more details

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The Amtest Group is the fastest growing distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, with personnel and offices, covering our home territories of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovak Republic, as well as distributing targeted products in Croatia – Slovenia.

This year we began operations in Bulgaria, and our presence there, will greatly expand in 2016.

This growth has been achieved through moving away from the traditional sales – distributor company formula, to
  • An “added value” provider, where value, and excellence has become our core focus
  • “Risk-free” client decisions, with all Group Personnel investments strictly focused on processes knowledges, new enabling technologies and “best in class” pro-active activities
  • “Teamwork” where knowledges from one territory, one industry are shared throughout the Group. The success of our Brand is based on the “Team”
To assist this development, the Group, has developed its own Centre of Excellence located in our own facility in Budapest, Hungary, where process and development work is provided to our client base to assist them in their production challenges.

Amtest Group now consists of over 40 personnel (which includes 17 process engineers) all working within our territories, and has become ISO 9000-2008 certified.

We are proud that many of the above team have been with the Group for multiple years, with nine being part of the “10-year Club”,
Andy Taylor (Managing Partner), Tony Kollar (Operations Manager), Jiri Vondracek (Senior Sales), Tomas Boda (Process Engineer), Petr Jambor (Process Engineer) Clara Petrica (Operations Manager), Gelu Stoian (Advanced Technology Specialist), Gabor Bajusz (Operations Manager), Frigyes Marton (Process Engineer)


Amtest Associates Limited was established in London, England in 1973, by Peter Taylor and Miro Irgl and since the Companies inception 40-years ago has exclusively worked in Central and Eastern Europe.

The origin of the name, was “AM”erican “TEST” shortened to Amtest and it was at the vanguard of offering state of the art, test equipment, to the former Eastern Bloc.

The Amtest vision since 1973 is to represent and supply equipment from the leading Global manufacturers and critically also to install, warrant, service and provide application support to our client base.

In Year 2000, the group increased its focus on the SMT market with our electronic assembler clients, disposing of the Test and Measurement segment of the business at that date.

In 2011 the Amtest Group opened its new Centre of Excellence in Budapest, Hungary, exhibited at the Productronica Trade show for the first time and changed our Company colours and logo.

Amtest logo since 27th September 2011.

The Amtest Bridge signifies strength and security and a technology gateway from our manufacturing partners to our clients.
The colour claret signifies determination whilst the powder blue symbolizes trust.

Amtest original logo 1973-2011

Progression has seen the vision of the Company move from a selling operation to our “added value” operation, where process excellence, knowledge and work ethic are our core “Commitment to Excellence” values.

In 2013 we opened our new HQ in Budapest, in our own owned facility.